B i o g r a p h y

MICHELE FAZIO was Born in 27/4/63 in Bari (Italy). Pianist and Composer, among his first experiences he Studies Jazz and he writes soundtracks for the theater.  Author of the soundtracks of the cinema movie of Sergio Rubini “TUTTO L’AMORE CHE C’E’’’ produced by Cecchi Gori as well as off three short films of the director Mino De Cataldo, winner of “Festival of Bolzano and Montecatini” with prizes in 2002 and 2003. Among his more important productions as Composer and Pianist you can find “Groove Espresso Train’’ with his band “Groove Six” produced by “EMI”, “Percorsi” of FAZIO / PETRUZZELLI / DI MODUGNO and the last Production ’’ WAVES ’’ of Michele Fazio and Damiano Marino of the “Panastudio Productions”. From the 2008 Michele Fazio is playing in Francesco Tricarico’s Tour.

In 2011 he recorded the album “visione passeggera (visions passing by)” that seems like a journey into the author’s most truly and deepest soul. With this album Michele Fazio introduces himself, without adding, without reducing. “Visione passeggera” a very sincere work that arrives directly to the listener’s heart by permitting him to make a trip full of dreams, emotions and secrets. On this album there are two important participations: SERGIO RUBINI who recites Puskin’s poem “Ricordo quel meraviglioso istante (A magic moment I remember)” and DAGMAR SEGBERS in “Stars in the night”. “Visione passeggera” is also the soundtrack for S. Rubini’s recital “A cuore aperto”. The album was recorded at Rainbow Studios in Oslo and mixed and recorded by the sound engineer Jan Erik Kongshauk, one of the most popular sound engineer in the world.

In 2014 he recorded his latest album "L’Acrobata (Abeat Records/IRD)", a new album by jazz pianist Michael Fazio ( Marco Loddo on bass, and Emanuele Smimmo on drums). The album consists of nine original songs and one standard and is characterized by a strong lyrical and melodic impact , able to vibrate the strings of the listener with a more intimate emotional immediacy extraordinary . Great elegance in pianism touch , refined arrangements , quality and power of composition complete the picture of a disk supported by a masterfully rhythmic, wich is among one of the most interesting on the national jazz scene appeared in recent times. An intriguing balance between instinct and rationality , between reality and fantasy dream : the disc exudes a strong tendency towards goals and distant horizons : symbolically summarized by ' body image stretched and sleek " the acrobat " ( L’acrobata ).